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Microsoft announces Windows 8 Editions

After massive speculations and rumors arising, Microsoft have finally killed of all of the rumors and have announced that the next Window that is going to be released will have the name Windows 8 as expected, Whilst three different versions of Windows 8 Editions will be launched. Unlike Windows Seven, Windows 8 will only have

Developers Can Now Test Windows 8 on an iPad

Splashtop Inc., the winner of the “Most Innovative Product”, “Best of What’s New” and “Best of 2012 CES” awards from PC World, Popular Science and LAPTOP Magazine respectively, today released the application that will work as a platform to test and experience the Windows 8 Metro User Interface. They call the app “Win8 Metro Testbed

Google “Funny” on April Fools’ Day

Google launches the 8-Bit version of the Google Maps for the Nintendo Entertainment System. A perfect treat for the April Fools’ Day. All you need to do is click on Quest (on the upper right corner of the Google map page), and voila, welcome to Dreamland! Tatsuo Nomura, the software engineer at Google Maps, wrote on

The Windows 8 Experience

Microsoft’s Windows 8 appears to be pretty impressive, and at the same time it is expected to encounter plenty of challenges from iPads, Android tablets, Mac OS X, and above all from the satisfied Windows 7 users who will have to look for reasons to switch to Windows 8. The new Metro User Interface looks

Metro-style Internet Explorer 10 is in town

Microsoft in its latest version of Internet Explorer (IE-10) revealed some new features; making it more user-friendly and further enhancing its security to make it a much safer & faster browser. Currently, the style that is most trendy in relation to the web browser interface (which was initiated by Google Chrome) is one that acquires