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Developers Can Now Test Windows 8 on an iPad

Splashtop Inc., the winner of the “Most Innovative Product”, “Best of What’s New” and “Best of 2012 CES” awards from PC World, Popular Science and LAPTOP Magazine respectively, today released the application that will work as a platform to test and experience the Windows 8 Metro User Interface. They call the app “Win8 Metro Testbed

Google’s Android Tablet Delayed Till July

Google’s first venture to make a mark in the tablet market has been delayed till at least July this year. The co-branded Android machine will not be hitting the stores till July. Rumors were hot that the same will be out in May, but now there is a buzz that the device has been delayed

Google Going Online with Tablets

 Google Inc., seems fearless when it comes to trying out different approaches to capture the market share. After a brief not-so-successful effort to market and sell smartphones on its own, Google is all set to sell Tablets directly to the customers. The American Multinational will sell co-branded tablets through its online store, similar to its

BlackBerry outdone by Apple on its Home Soil

Research In Motion (RIM), the company behind the BlackBerry product line, received a big shock when it was overthrown by the Mobile giant Apple on its home ground – Canada. Apple is now on the top with respect to smartphones shipments in Canada, thus reflecting a decline in Canada’s love with the BlackBerry. Data shows

The iPhone 5 Super-Thin Concept

Every Apple concept is always a challenge, as it has to be innovative, coolest thing around, futuristic design, and something that can take public’s imagination to the next level. Apple has repeatedly come up with something to attract the world’s complete attention. Even though only 4 to 5 months back the lovable iPhone 4S was