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Google Going Online with Tablets

 Google Inc., seems fearless when it comes to trying out different approaches to capture the market share. After a brief not-so-successful effort to market and sell smartphones on its own, Google is all set to sell Tablets directly to the customers. The American Multinational will sell co-branded tablets through its online store, similar to its

BlackBerry outdone by Apple on its Home Soil

Research In Motion (RIM), the company behind the BlackBerry product line, received a big shock when it was overthrown by the Mobile giant Apple on its home ground – Canada. Apple is now on the top with respect to smartphones shipments in Canada, thus reflecting a decline in Canada’s love with the BlackBerry. Data shows

Intel to Start an Online Pay-Tv System

The world largest & highest valued chipmaker Intel Corporation,  is considering to create  an online pay-tv facility for its consumers  that will work by way of  its own set-top box, thus making it a virtual cable operator. The facility is expected to be offered on TV sets, computers and mobile devices. The Wall Street Journal revealed that

No more rivalry between Sony & Nintendo

Nintendo and Sony are always in a race to launch something competitive against each other. It is confirmed by the news reports that Nintendo is almost ready to launch Wii U console this year. On the other hand Sony, this time not seems to appear in any hurry to unleash PS4. President of Sony computer

Sony’s Take in LCD joint venture bought by Samsung for $939 million

Samsung and its Japanese rival Sony are going to dissolve their joint venture in LCD display panels as Sony has been trying to find a way out from the losses it incurred in TV business for years. Sony Corp. disclosed on Monday that Samsung Electronics are eager to buy the shares of Sony in a