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Instagram 5 Million Downloads & Counting….

Into its sixth day of existence, the android application has crossed over 5 million downloads of Instagram. The application that offers photo sharing for free recorded at least 5 million downloads on the Google Play Site in just 6 days as compared to iPhone app that took 180 days to do the same. For quite

Google “Funny” on April Fools’ Day

Google launches the 8-Bit version of the Google Maps for the Nintendo Entertainment System. A perfect treat for the April Fools’ Day. All you need to do is click on Quest (on the upper right corner of the Google map page), and voila, welcome to Dreamland! Tatsuo Nomura, the software engineer at Google Maps, wrote on

BlackBerry outdone by Apple on its Home Soil

Research In Motion (RIM), the company behind the BlackBerry product line, received a big shock when it was overthrown by the Mobile giant Apple on its home ground – Canada. Apple is now on the top with respect to smartphones shipments in Canada, thus reflecting a decline in Canada’s love with the BlackBerry. Data shows

The iPhone 5 Super-Thin Concept

Every Apple concept is always a challenge, as it has to be innovative, coolest thing around, futuristic design, and something that can take public’s imagination to the next level. Apple has repeatedly come up with something to attract the world’s complete attention. Even though only 4 to 5 months back the lovable iPhone 4S was

Facebook timeline available on mobile web

After Facebook latest wrap up of user profiles yesterday, Facebook have finally launched Facebook timeline type profiles for mobile web whilst there is no official update regarding iPhone App of Facebook, Whilst  official Android app for Facebook have been updated which supports timeline profile. iPhone Android Android App is available in Android Market MoizA Blogger,