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Google’s Android Tablet Delayed Till July

Google’s first venture to make a mark in the tablet market has been delayed till at least July this year. The co-branded Android machine will not be hitting the stores till July. Rumors were hot that the same will be out in May, but now there is a buzz that the device has been delayed

EU May Investigate Motorola Mobility Over Patents

Microsoft revealed that Motorola Mobility demanded $4 billion a year with regards to patent royalties for using its technology which was extremely critical to make the Xbox video-gaming system operational. “Motorola’s demand was so over-reaching that no rational company could ever have accepted it or even viewed it as a legitimate offer,” Microsoft said. The software

Google “Funny” on April Fools’ Day

Google launches the 8-Bit version of the Google Maps for the Nintendo Entertainment System. A perfect treat for the April Fools’ Day. All you need to do is click on Quest (on the upper right corner of the Google map page), and voila, welcome to Dreamland! Tatsuo Nomura, the software engineer at Google Maps, wrote on

Google Going Online with Tablets

 Google Inc., seems fearless when it comes to trying out different approaches to capture the market share. After a brief not-so-successful effort to market and sell smartphones on its own, Google is all set to sell Tablets directly to the customers. The American Multinational will sell co-branded tablets through its online store, similar to its

iPhone 4 Owners can Claim $15 as Settlement

Apple informed its iPhone owners through legal notice that they can claim and receive $15, if they had earlier refused to take the ‘free case’ as consequence of the class-action compensation. It was last month, when Apple disclosed that it will compensate the Users (victims of the iPhone 4 antenna problem), with either a FREE