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Developers Can Now Test Windows 8 on an iPad

Splashtop Inc., the winner of the “Most Innovative Product”, “Best of What’s New” and “Best of 2012 CES” awards from PC World, Popular Science and LAPTOP Magazine respectively, today released the application that will work as a platform to test and experience the Windows 8 Metro User Interface. They call the app “Win8 Metro Testbed

Instagram 5 Million Downloads & Counting….

Into its sixth day of existence, the android application has crossed over 5 million downloads of Instagram. The application that offers photo sharing for free recorded at least 5 million downloads on the Google Play Site in just 6 days as compared to iPhone app that took 180 days to do the same. For quite

Google’s Android Tablet Delayed Till July

Google’s first venture to make a mark in the tablet market has been delayed till at least July this year. The co-branded Android machine will not be hitting the stores till July. Rumors were hot that the same will be out in May, but now there is a buzz that the device has been delayed

EU May Investigate Motorola Mobility Over Patents

Microsoft revealed that Motorola Mobility demanded $4 billion a year with regards to patent royalties for using its technology which was extremely critical to make the Xbox video-gaming system operational. “Motorola’s demand was so over-reaching that no rational company could ever have accepted it or even viewed it as a legitimate offer,” Microsoft said. The software

Samsung gets 3 Million Galaxy Note sales in march

The Korean giant Samsung Mobile which have been challenging Apple’s iPhone is starting to make huge mark in number of sales. The latest phone Samsung Galaxy Note after best & most sold phone Samsung Galaxy SII. Samsung is turning out to be one of the toughest competition. Though since Galaxy note have arrived in U.S