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Google Going Online with Tablets

 Google Inc., seems fearless when it comes to trying out different approaches to capture the market share. After a brief not-so-successful effort to market and sell smartphones on its own, Google is all set to sell Tablets directly to the customers. The American Multinational will sell co-branded tablets through its online store, similar to its

Virtual Sail Down the Amazon River via Google’s Street view

Now a virtual sail down to the Amazon is possible! Google on World Forest Day has gifted the world with an opportunity to go sailing to the Amazon River and the forests that surround it. Around six months back, few officials of the teams from Brazil and the U.S. of the Google Street View and Google Earth were

Kindle Fire tablet sold at loss ? Inc.’s Kindle Fire tablet, which started shipping this week, costs $201.70 to make, a research firm said Friday. That’s $2.70 more than Amazon charges for it. The analysis by IHS indicates that Amazon is, at least initially, selling the tablet at a loss that it hopes to cover through sales of books and movies