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Nokia Files Suits Against HTC, RIM & Viewsonic – Patent Infringement

Nokia, the multinational communication corporation revealed that they have filed claims in both U.S. and the Germany against RIM, HTC & Viewsonic. In the suit, Nokia has alleged the Mobile Phones Groups & Electronic Groups for infringement of various Nokia Patents. In a press release that was published yesterday, Nokia claimed that they wished to

Nokia Records Loss Due To Decline In Sales

Nokia recorded a loss of €929 million in its first quarter when its sale declined by up to 29% mainly due to fading market demand with respect to its older Symbian smartphones. Last year Nokia logged a €344 million profit, therefore the current situation is a serious concern. Sales have fallen to €7.4 billion, which

Nokia Lumia 900 Goes For Sale On The 8th Of April

Nokia Lumia 900 will be going for sale tomorrow, the 8th 0f April for just $100 from ATandT. Nokia, the once supreme leader of the Mobile industry is looking anxiously at the Lumia U.S. release, to be able to compete against Apple’s iPhone and other Android machines like the Samsung’s Galaxy. Nokia Chief Executive Officer,

Nokia starts war with iOS and Android

Nokia have went in a war with two of the smartphone industry giants Apple and Google and Nokia who have been proudly launching most of its new smartphones with Windows platform. Nokia Directory Niels Munksgaard said : “What we see is that youth are pretty much fed up with iPhones. Everyone has the iPhone. Also,