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Internet Explorer 10 Release Preview arrives on Windows 7

  After creating lot of buzz Microsoft have finally made Internet Explorer 10 available on Windows 7 Powered PC’s by releasing a release preview of Internet Explorer 10. After almost a month back when Microsoft promised to ship IE10 on Windows it looked like IE10 will be only available for Windows 8. Though the press

Microsoft Surface Phone 8 (Concept)

Just after Microsoft Surface unveiling the different concepts and designs are starting to hit up everywhere both related to future tabs and phones, One of the most creative designers design up an imaginary Microsoft Surface Phone 8 Concept. The Designer Jonas-Daehnert hopes to that following specs will be most appropriate for the Surface Phone :

Inside Windows 8 Release Preview

We discussed earlier the release of Windows 8 Consumer Preview which looks quite different now compared to the latest Windows 8 Release Preview. This shows how well Microsoft is working on the latest OS which is expected to launch up by the end of July 2012. In mid April Microsoft Announced Editions of Windows 8

Microsoft Tablet “SURFACE” Unveiled !

Finally the curtains have been lifted. Microsoft has finally revealed its very own Tablet Computer, named ‘Surface’. The project is in line to its endeavor to take on Apple’s iPad by way of shifting its earlier strategy of concentrating on software and counting on its partners to develop the machines. The Press Release issued by

Windows 8 Will Come In 3 Versions

Microsoft revealed yesterday (16th April) that they will release three versions of the Windows 8, plus they also made it official that they will call the New windows as “Windows 8”. Launching only 3 flavors this time around suggest that Microsoft is on the path towards simplicity. Windows 7 that was released back in 2009