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Google “Drive”

The news from Google store rooms is being erupted that a cloud storage service is being set to launch. Cloud storage service from Google Inc. will give a tough competition to rising cloud storage providers in market such as Dropbox Inc. The name of cloud storage service is said to be “Drive”. The news of

Facebook new photo viewer mode

With the series of continuous efforts for enhancing Facebook features, a new effort has been prepared. Facebook has changed its photo viewer mode and presented it in a more appropriate way. The latest enhancement looks inspired by the photo viewer mode of Google+. Google+ has somewhat similar type of photo viewer mode. The options and

Facebook shock for Users

A rude shock for the Facebook users has just been revealed. Facebook users in million need not to worry or surprise if they come to know that their deleted pictures still exist in the web. It has been reported by many Facebook users too that still the images can be seen on website despite being

Top 10 Android Apps

Following are the top 10 android apps. These apps are a must try which enhances your smartphone from every prospective. 1> Antivirus Free from AVG Mobilation: hackers and virus releasers are targeting android phones and AVG Moilation is the only best app in the market that can protect your cell phone from every type of

Facbook turned 8

The social networking king with its 845 million users has turned eight. It was first launched on February 4, 2004 and will hit the count of 1 billion active users by this august. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is the person who presented social networking in a new way unlike traditional social networking sites. Company is