Google, Yahoo and Facebook to the Courts now

It has been noticed that Google, yahoo, Facebook and other networking sites are facing some extreme charges in the Indian continent for publishing some insulting material related to Indian leaders and religious scholars. Legal action has been taken up & Indian prosecutors are dragging all these networking sites to the court for the first time.

The ruling class of India seems very disappointed due to offensive material regarding the Prime Minister Manmohan Sing, ruling Congress party leader Sonia Gandhi and major religious scholars. The Muslim community has also been insulted as the networking sites published some photographs of Mecca, holiest city for Muslims.

Total number of other sites is said to be 21 that published offensive material by the federal government charged by “promoting enmity between classes and causing prejudice to national integration,” according to the Press Trust of India news agency.

Although prosecutors have listed only the companies rather than any executives and the hearing could result in the heavy fines. The Minister for telecommunication Kapil Sibal said he had spoken with the executives to keep off the abusive material from their sites but the response was very unsatisfactory, back in December.

Google stated that “But when content is legal and doesn’t violate our policies, we won’t remove it just because it’s controversial, as we believe that people’s differing views, so long as they’re legal, should be respected and protected.” & Facebook quoted “it would remove content that is hateful, threatening, incites violence or contains nudity.”

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