Monthly Archive:: January 2012

Megupload data may get deleted

Prosecuting attorneys said that the process of deleting the illegal content from “MEGAUPLOAD” website will be started from Thursday.  Megaupload site was found acting against the piracy rules. The website was offering illegal movies, dramas and videos for which it had been accused. “It is our understanding that the hosting companies may begin deleting the

Motorola’s Smartphone best ever

Problems related to smart phones are getting more serious and thoughtful especially for the manufacturers. One question that is still bashing the heads of smart phones’ consumers is that why smart phone is not actually acting like a smart phone? Where has its smartness gone? Battery problems in 3G were found less than 4G. In

Microsoft System Center 2012 launched

Finally the strategies from Microsoft has been executed. Microsoft System Center 2012 has been launched by Microsoft. This is the major progress for Microsoft in the year of 2012. The company has enabled the users to perform cloud storage in a better way with excessive controls. Users can maintain their physical and virtual drives through

Nokia went down by 21%

One of the leading companies in mobile phone industry has estimated an approx. loss of €1.07 billion. This loss is a proof that is equivalent to 21 percent of downscaled sales of Nokia. Smartphones really shook the mobile industry specially in Europe and Asia. The difference between profit and loss of the Nokia Inc. on

Samsung Galaxy SIII about to hit

After a great hit of Samsung Galaxy s II, now Samsung Galaxy s III is set to be launched in April.  S III will attract the market towards itself for sure.  12 Megapixel cam with a quad processor makes it more appealing. Eldar Murtazi, a close-linked guy with mobile industry stated that “HD resolution, 12Mp