Monthly Archive:: December 2011

Ex Microsoft Executive Scopes Failure of Windows Phone

Not much of a buzz has been created by Windows Phone OS in 2011In spite, it’s received persistently positive reviews & on 4 major carriers Windows phones are available. Windows phones have managed to achieve only 1.5% of the overall market share in the 3rd quarter of 2011. Future of phones on Windows Phone OS

Sony’s Take in LCD joint venture bought by Samsung for $939 million

Samsung and its Japanese rival Sony are going to dissolve their joint venture in LCD display panels as Sony has been trying to find a way out from the losses it incurred in TV business for years. Sony Corp. disclosed on Monday that Samsung Electronics are eager to buy the shares of Sony in a

Hackers Publicly Threaten U.S. Security of Weeklong Assault Via Twitter

On Sunday, Hackers claimed to have 200 gigabytes of emails & credit card data stolen from the U.S. security tank Stratfor which is anticipated as a weeklong assault. Members involved in the loose hacking movement commonly known as “Anonymous” recently posted a link on the social networking site “Twitter” in which the hackers included the

Forget T-Mobile and have solace from AT&T

AT&T can’t be blamed for not trying. A few days following it’s forking over to the huge breakup fee worth $4 billion of Deutsche Telekom, the company failed the bid for its T-Mobile getting regulatory approval for the acquisition worth $1.9 billion of the airwaves from Qualcomm. Both the deals were aimed at getting AT&T

Consumer Electronics Show to bring about 10 new stuffs in 2012

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is going to take part in Las Vegas from next month; there is a possibility of including several big things at the show, as it has announced by the authority. Moreover, this is probably the very last time Microsoft is going to attend. Historically, CES has been an opportunity for